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A Clarion Call from CTGN

I woke up this morning with thoughts on my mind. They were thoughts of kingdoms, wars, battles, soldiers, victory. It dawned on me that the world is controlled by two kingdoms and every individual is part of one of the two kingdoms. In these kingdoms, there are no civilians. Everyone is a soldier whether he/she is conscious of it or not. Thinking further, I realized each kingdom has various units working together to achieve a purpose. I looked more closely at a unit. It had a name boldly written on its Camp Banner “CHRISTIAN TEACHERS”.

I went into the camp and observed. Some soldiers were actively working, rescuing young ones from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. Some others were conscious of their responsibility but too tired because of the situation of battle (rents, fees, etc). Yet, some others were sleeping oblivious of the fact, they were on a battlefield. I looked more closely and saw the commanders of the army. It was a mixed situation as well.

While some were actively involved, some weren’t passively engaging, while yet, some of these commanders looked, as people who didn’t know their responsibilities. Which of the categories do you belong to? The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Remember, the parable of the ten virgins.

First, we must consider that we are at war, on the battlefield and the people that are not saved will be eternally doomed. Second, behold He comes quickly with his reward. Will the son of man find you faithful when he comes?

Think deeply.

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